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george moses is just doing his thing, releasing on 2 of the most . . Thank you, Madam President, for having called me back for this debate. I can assure you that I was not at all offended by the committee's opinion, since I have been waiting for your invitation for almost a year. I am not qualified to refute the committee's opinion, because I am not actually a member of the committee. I am content with the point of view expressed by the Committee on Budgetary Control. This is not a debate between Parliament and the Council, this is a debate between Parliament and the Court of Auditors. That is a small clarification. I have stated this to the committee chairman. It was just a clarification. I also told you, Madam President, that I cannot endorse the committee's opinion, but I would be delighted to defend it in this House. I have a detailed knowledge of the report and the fact that I have never been a member of the committee. I am therefore not qualified to speak on the report, although I will follow all the developments closely. I believe that the main message in the report is that our financial planning and the activities of the Court of Auditors have not been in agreement for years. That is the big problem, Madam President. I believe that the Court of Auditors should take the blame for this, as Mr Kellett-Bowman said in his report. The main problem is that the Court of Auditors is too timid and, in my opinion, too conservative. It is unrealistic to expect such an institution to make radical decisions. The Court of Auditors is not supposed to be a radical house. It is supposed to be a conservative house that takes a long view. That is why I would be delighted to defend the committee's position, which is perfectly clear in my opinion. Dell'Alba Madam President, I should like to thank the rapporteur for all the work he has put in, and above all for his willingness to engage in dialogue and to try to reach a compromise. I do not believe that we should start from scratch, for this would not be an interesting exercise. We have talked to him. We have worked with him on this point, not least with the committee he heads, and I think we have reached an acceptable solution. I think it is worth keeping in mind, Madam President, that we should take this instrument, which may be under discussion - I do not know, because

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